AversionKenechi Udogu
Chrome MountainBen Schneider
Devil of GildingDecember Knight
EnsnareLeah Moyes
HamartiaRaquel Rich
Hannibal’s FoeEdward Green
IlluminaeAmie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Memories of ChronosalisCeara Comeau
Northfighters: The View From the ChrystallisColm Dowd
Raven’s PeakLincoln Cole
See What FlowersShannon Mullen
ShiverMaggie Stiefvater
TempsNaomi Abdull
The Allergy Adventures with Cari the CupcakeDonna and Reagan Webber
The Dark WoodSydney Mann
The FadingLinda Taimre
The Marrow ThievesCherie Dimaline
The Strange Curse of BredaSteven Arnett
The Usurper KingZeb Haradon
The Woman In the Tree: The True Story of CamelotNatasha D. Lane


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