Review Policy

*Effective from December 31st, 2018* If requesting a review, please read the following:
  1. $2 per review. Only through PayPal.
    • No refunds unless it is an extenuating circumstance.
  2. Accept any genres but non-fiction, politics, horrors, poetry, and erotica.
  3. I ONLY accept:
    • Kindle books
    • Kobo (they mention more but I only accept the following):
      • Books: EPUB and EPUB3
      • Comic Books: CBZ and CBR
  4. If any of the rules are not followed, I will not accept the review.
  5. First come, first serve. Send a copy of the book to ensure a spot on the waiting list once the review is accepted.
  6. Due to payment, the whole book will be read guaranteed, however, the amount of time needed to deliver the review may vary depending on:
    • number of pages
    • personal schedule
  7. Check my twitter account for updates in case of any delays or special updates. I will put *Authors* on any tweets that may be relevant to you.
  8. If payment is not paid within 2 days, I will go to the next person. You will be on hold until I receive the payment and finished the current book.
  9. Requests after 30 days will be deleted if a book is not received.

To request a review, fill in the form below.

*If you want to request a book that is not yours, then refer to this page Book Requests