General Adult · Mystery

The Desire Card by Lee Matthew Goldberg

The book follows Harrison Stockton who holds a job with a high position at Wall Street. The paradise he is living drinking away and spending ruthlessly all came down when he loses his job. To make matters worst, after cheating on his wife, he found out that he does not have long before his liver fails him. Feeling desperate, Harrison activates his Desire Card which was given to him when he lost his job. What he got was different from what he had expected and wanted. The Desire Card took him to places where he had never thought he would have gone to and it not only put his life on the line but it also put the lives of his family in danger too.

General Adult · Sword and Sorcery

Whispers in the Dark by Jordan Frost

Whispers in the Dark by Jordan Frost is a world where people contradicts the stereotypical labels for everyone. Those who are supposed to be good are actually bad and those who are supposed to be bad are good. Jensen Grooms is a soldier known as a Harvester and when he is forced to kill his commanding officer, it left him on the run with the sacrifice, Solana, who the group was transporting to Lord Kane who holds the reign for the empire.

General Adult · Supernatural

NYV: GOTH by K.D. McQuain

Ever since Christian's transformation, the ones that get close to him are dying one after another. His girlfriend Cara was dead and Rachel was grievously wounded. Now it is his task to learn how to defend himself and figure himself out since he is now a vampire. With the help of his sword-wielding mentor Amym and a beautiful dancer named Joyce, it might be easier for him as they help guide him with his new life.

General Adult · Sci-fi

Phoenix: Field of Mars by Jackie Anders

Phoenix: Field of Mars by Jackie Anders is a book about a twenty-eight-year-old, Kyla Marshall, who is in the field of public relations. That was until she ends up dropping in on a special ops’ mission. Literally. She finds herself transported from 2017 to 8 A.D and have no choice but to follow the team with their mission to stop a scientist from unleashing a deadly virus that would kill many in an era where people were still using natural herbs as remedies. At first, she was wary about the men, but as she got to know them, she slowly warmed up to them. Throughout her journey there, the question of whether she will get back home lingers on her mind.

General Adult · Mystery

Justice Gone by N. Lombardi Jr

Justice Gone, a mystery and legal thriller, by N. Lombardi Jr touches upon many social issues. When a homeless war veteran is beaten to death by the police, soon after, three cops are shot dead. Donald Darfield, an African-American Iraqi war veteran and a war-time buddy of the beaten vet was accused as the prime suspect to the killing of the cops due to obvious reasons as his motives. Justice Gone is the first in a series of psychological thrillers involving Dr. Tessa Thorpe.

General Adult · Legal

Legal Reserves by James Rosenberg

Legal Reserves by James Rosenberg is a book that revolves around an allegedly accused woman with thievery. The lawyers hired for both parties are best friends who went to post-secondary together along with the judge who was recently assigned to the trial. After many research and finding witnesses to testify, the day of the trial approaches and it creates tension with the friendship between the two lawyers. With the judge not being happy with how the case is affecting their friendship, this case tests their supposedly strong bond.

General Adult · Review

The Strange Curse of Breda by Steven Arnett

A mystery thriller that takes place in the United States. A murder has occurred near Breda of a young woman named Jane Luca. Signs of a connection between the murder and a commune draws suspicion. Later after the first murder, other murders occur and it brings horror and fear into the town. As each murder occurs, the town becomes more chaotic and some townsfolk flee the town or arm themselves. The police are coming up with no leads until a young man, Jim Leiden, pursues the chase for the murder after hearing an old story which everyone dismisses it as superstitions.

Book Tours · General Adult

Book Tour: Dear Mr. Pop Star by Derek and Dave Philpott

Author: Derek and Dave Philpott Publish: September 20th, 2018 Publisher: Unbound with a Trade Edition via Penguin Pages: 416 Link(s): Goodreads | Amazon | Unbound Synopsis: Dear Fiddler's Dram, Even allowing for inflation and given from our research that you appear to originate from Whitstable and the surrounding areas, I find it difficult to comprehend how you were able to achieve your day trip… Continue reading Book Tour: Dear Mr. Pop Star by Derek and Dave Philpott

General Adult

Temps by Naomi Abdull

During a time of happiness and celebration, the unthinkable happened. Kitt Jones, a manager of a temping agency, was found limp by one of her colleague, Shawna.
Chaos and confusion erupt around Kitt's team at the temp. Shawna, Esther, Natalie and Krystal, the team that is helping her with a contract that will help save her office during an economic drop. The main speculation to what happened to Kitt was suicide from the empty depression pill bottle found in the trash can.

General Adult

See What Flowers by Shannon Mullen

After her 30th birthday party’s over, Emma Watters has been the happiest since forever. Not to mention, she’s an emergency room doctor in Toronto. She lives with the love of her life, Adam Davison, but the next morning, Adam disappears.
At first, she thought that Adam is having an affair. But finding no evidence, she has no choice but to go to the police. Where’s Adam? And what happened to him?