Fantasy · Tween

The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi Volume I: Homecoming by Kelvyn Fernandes

The book, The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi Volume I: Homecoming by Kelvyn Fernandes, is about a mage named Peter and a chimera named Fi who banned together to work towards their individual goals to search for something. While they are searching, they encounter wild and dangerous creatures while also landing themselves in situations that have them making close calls.

Fantasy · Young Adult

The Woman In the Tree: The True Story of Camelot by Natasha D. Lane

The self-published book, The Woman In the Tree: The True Story of Camelot by Natasha D. Lane delivers another tale of the famous story of Camelot. The book starts with an attempted escape by Gwynevere after an unexpected betrayal by someone whom she and those around her thought they could trust. After escaping the attackers who were pursuing her, she finds herself encased within a tree and it was only after several years was she finally freed by a young man with an unusual streak of silver hair, Alistair. Learning the truth about Gwynevere, she and Alistair embarks on a journey to find Arthur, Camelot's greatest knight, and discover the truth about the night that led to the imprisonment of Gwynevere about the false king.

Fantasy · Review · Young Adult

The Dark Wood by Sydney Mann

Stella lives in Noctum, where the land is doomed to live in the night, never knowing the meaning of a sun. The people in Noctum live in constant fear of the creatures called Shade and one had recently killed Stella's brother. It was until a stranger named Luc that appear, where Stella believes that there might be hope to ending this life of terror after hearing of his mission to kill Draven, the immortal king who is ruthless. Meeting Luc allowed her and a few others to learn more about the land they live in and the truth about it. But after learning how to kill Draven, it leaves Stella with an impossible choice.

Fantasy · Tween

Northfighters: The View From the Chrystallis by Colm Dowd

Northfighters: The View From the Christallis by Colm Dowd follows twelve-years-old Chris Talbot with his friends Josh, Sylvia and the bully Mike as the group is dragged into a new world running away from strange creatures. The creatures that were pursuing them turned out to be sent by a villain named Salazon, who wants to create war. From chapter 1, the readers all know Salazon saw a vision that a boy, who turned out to be Chris, may be his downfall. Tales and legends speak about the abilities of those far from Salazon's world that can control beasts that have not been seen for generations. Chris and his friends may be those that are spoken of in the legends.

Fantasy · Review

Raven’s Peak by Lincoln Cole

Haatim Arison, an immigrant from India, finds himself being rescued by the very person he is tailing after being hired by a stranger, George Wertman, to find evidence that George is being hunted by Abigail Dressler. Just when he thinks that he is done with George and Abigail, he is attacked by beings that he cannot seem to believe is real. He finds himself being saved by Abigail and after some persuading, he discovered that his family may not be who they seem to be, especially his father, Aram Malhotra.


Memories of Chronosalis by Ceara Comeau

There is a deadly plague that is mutating quickly has broken out on an interstellar evacuation fleet after one of the two megacorporations that are warring with each other over the planet attacks. After evacuating, Kady and Ezra finds themselves tangled in a bigger problem than just breaking up. When Kady starts hacking into the system's data and finds they shouldn't be just worrying about the enemy's warship, but also the fleet's AI, which should be protecting them, but may be the one thing that wants to kill them.

With no one willing to say what is really going on, it is up to Kady and Ezra to uncover the darkness within the ships that were said to be protecting them...


Aversion (The Mentalist Series, #1) by Kenechi Udogu

As an Averter, after performing an Aversion all subjects should not have any memories of the experience besides performing the action they were told to do but something may still linger within Russ. Gemma finds that, the more she tries to push him away, the more he wants to know her better. Gemma knew something had gone amiss the second he tried to approach her because they were never friends. Now she is facing a problem of a possible failed Aversion and if that wasn't bad enough, secrets her father is trying to cover are slowly being revealed. What is her next step?
Oh, and did I mention she is possibly the only female Averter?