Dear everyone,

Hi, my name is Samantha, but online when I am in the book community, I like to refer to myself as SammieReads and I am from Canada. This blog will mostly be about books…and just books…most of the time. I might add a little post about other stuff here and there every so often.

So before anything else, I have an issue. I like buying books but then I also want to save money so there is a conflict I always face when I am getting books so most of the books will be from libraries. I am only 17 and I do not have a job yet. But if you haven’t noticed, books is the love of my life so I am kind of hoping to get a part-time job at a bookstore but I do not know the chances of that being my first job. (edit: I found a temporary solution to saving money. I bought a Kobo a few 6 months ago and I can connect it to a local library.)

Okay, even though I was born in Canada and English is also my first language, I find that I struggle with English a lot. Like my phonetic skills is almost nonexistent and grammar is out of the question. So I apologize if you cannot stand my grammar skills (really, the lack of) while you are going through this blog.

Other things about me are I may be lactose intolerant or have milk allergies, no clue. I am also very indecisive to the point that I find myself annoying too (but proud of that hehe). I also love anime and Pokémon.

I hope to work with many people within the book community and so far I have worked with a few authors and loved working with them. In the future, I wish to partner with more people to bring in more contents and at the same time keep it personal to myself and not turn it into a full-on business website. But I find partnering and working with others really fun so I hope to develop partnerships with others that is long-lasting.

Signing out,



(coming soon)

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