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The Pariah Child: Sarafina’s Return by Natasha D. Lane

Lyrica is at war.


Title: The Pariah Child: Sarafina’s Return
Author: Natasha D. Lane
Pages: 275
Published: August 1st, 2019
Publisher: Self-published
Purchase: Amazon
Links: Website | Goodreads | Instagram | Twitter
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It has been almost three years ago since Sarah has returned home and things have not been the same ever since. Living in a small community, it is hard to escape from all the gossips about her. However, one day she starts hearing and seeing mists of those from Lyrica. Strange occurrences are happening and it seems like Lyrica is in trouble once again but with a sudden tragedy happens, Sarah is torn between returning to help Lyrica or remain on Earth.

Before you continue with reading this review, I highly encourage you to think about reading the first book first. Here is the link to the first review.

I will not say much about the plot because it feels like I am repeating myself. But like I have said with my previous review, the plot is interesting and Natasha Lane was able to keep it that way to the second book. One thing I will say is that since Lyrica’s time is different from Earth, it does felt like Sarah had missed a lot. With some books I have read, it sometimes does not feel as if a long period of time was missed by the main character

So being a reader who is slightly on the more sensitive side, there were several instances where the author was able to get me tearing up and almost spilling my tears because of the emotions that are coming from the characters. There are parts of the book where it feels very real even though the setting is in a fantasy world. Nothing feels exaggerated or unreasonable. While reading the book, my emotions felt like they have gone through a mini rollercoaster.

My favourite part is how realistic Sarah’s character is. As you read, from the first book to this one, you could see her character growing up and developing. She is also not afraid to reflect and admit to her flaws but also fixes the mistakes she had done. She is not like those one-dimensional characters who are usually boring to read about.

Overall, I would recommend this to readers to give it a try because the plot is quite interesting. This book, however, would be more suited for tweens rather than those who are nearing mid-teenage. There are some minor spelling mistakes, awkward sentences and sentences that do not make sense but with some editing, it could be fixed.


Natasha D. Lane is a friend of most things caffeinated, a lover of books (particularly fantasy), and a writer to her core.

As a big believer in the idea that “the pen is mightier than the sword,” she graduated from Juniata College in 2015 with hopes of becoming a journalist. Instead, her path took her on a different route and Natasha found herself digging up a manuscript from her childhood.

This dusty stack of papers would become “The Pariah Child & the Ever-Giving Stone.” With one book under her belt, Natasha went on to release”The Woman In the Tree: The True Story of Camelot” and most recently “The Pariah Child: Sarafina’s Return” which released August 1st 2019.

If there were a single piece of advice Natasha could give to young writers, it’d be this: Write your way through life.

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