Tight on Money? Here’s a Tip!

Dear readers,

It’s that time of the month again for students. You know what I am talking about.

Summer break has ended…

…and school has started.

Studying is not easy. There is so many things to do and take care of. Going to school can cause large amount of stress for any one of any age and stress will never go away completely. It isn’t cheap to study either, especially once you reach post-secondary or when you just have to pay for your education in general. All the things you have to buy and prepare for school can leave many students to be in debt for years before they can pay it off. You know what I am saying.

All the food, partying, having fun and drinking, right? Just kidding!

Back on topic. If you are a reader, you know it isn’t exactly cheap either to buy books. I know there are plenty of readers who prefer to read paperbacks or hardcovers too. These are not cheap. On average, these books are about $13-$25. If you are lucky, you might be able to buy books that are under $10 but usually popular books are over $10 besides the occasional sales and promotions.

As a fellow reader and student, I want to share how I save quite a bit of money each year since I have a somewhat low budget to work with.

So one day while I was at school, a librarian visited one of my classes and introduced Overdrive which is one of the services offered by Rakuten. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have heard about the company.

If you have never heard about Overdrive. It is a service that allows readers to borrow books from their local library. As far as I know from my experience, Canada and USA have many libraries that allow people to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from Overdrive.

Back to my story. So I started off with downloading the app on my phone and iPad. At first I was obsessed with it until reading from my phone started hurting my eyes because I love to read for hours sometimes with only stopping to drink, eat and other bodily needs. At this time, I was still pretty new to the idea of e-readers. I knew there was a tablet-like thing specifically for reading but I thought it was a waste of money because I had to buy the ebooks.

I was also a reader that prefers to hold an actual book too so that kind of caused me to not look too much into it too.

However a year after, about a week before I was going to leave on a flight, I had the sudden idea to see if any e-readers support Overdrive and if I can download them directly from e-reader.

It turns out, it can!

So I bought a Kobo because it turns out Kindle e-readers only work with USA libraries but Kobo works in Canada. I am loving it so far and I am saving hundreds of dollars. This year I didn’t read that much because I was focusing on getting into post-secondary and I took a leadership role so there was less time.

But if you were to take the number of books I’ve read last year, then I have saved about this much if each book is on average about $15:

$1830 before tax and about $2000 after tax.

So I would really recommend using this way to save money. I was also surprised to find some of my university textbook to be on Kobo too so that might be a plus if it is something you are interested in.

Here is a list of some e-readers :

Kobo FormaKindle Paperwhite
Aura H2O Edition 2Kindle Voyage
Aura Edition 2Kindle Oasis
Clara HD

Last thing, I would recommend you double check when you are buying them.

Signing out,


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