The Crimson Deathbringer by Sean Robins

Can our heroes save humanity from the wrath of an overwhelming enemy?


Title: The Crimson Deathbringer
Author: Sean Robins
Pages: 250
Published: May 3rd, 2019
Publisher: Creativia Publishing
Purchase: Amazon
Source: Author


Despite living a peaceful life, the Akakies finds themselves under an attack by the Xortaags whose goal is to take over the universe. Even though the Akakies are peaceful creatures, their chief strategist has a plan. Back on Earth, Jim, who is a fighter pilot, is planning to pop the question to his girlfriend when an unexpected visiter lands outside his house injured. The injured turned out to be his friend, Kurt. With one simple execution, it unites everyone.

It has been a while since I have read a science fiction book, however, reading this book makes me miss the genre. The story is based on the plot of an alien invasion. But what I thought really helped the book was the fact that the author did an amazing job creating characters along the whole spectrum. There are characters who have similar interest but contrasting personalities which creates interesting chemistry between them. One of the thing that I thought was done really well was the mix of slight comedy or jokes that were scattered here and there. The jokes also helped with ending off a section before it transitions on to another. This book gives off a vibe that makes it feel like it is a book that is a light read because of all the jokes and sassy comments. So if you are looking for a serious read, this might not be the book for you.

Even though there can be a bunch of paragraphs without any form of talking between characters, the commentary from the narrators perspective helped relieve the growing boredom that sometimes happen personally when books have a lot of descriptions. Sean Robins was able pace the story so that it does not feel like it is too fast or too slow and keep the audience wanting to read more of the book. While reading the book, something about the flow and the different perspective of the characters, even the enemy, made it hard to put it down (and I had to study for exams too).

The plot itself overall did not feel that original because, without spoiling anything, it was about an alien invasion taking over Earth then controlling the humans mind and another alien is fighting them because of their past quarrels. But the characters really made it a game changer for me and I have mentioned it several times but without the characters, it may have made a difference. I would recommend this to those who like science fiction and books that are not to be taken too serious or thought too much on. This would also be a good read for those who are just looking for books and have nothing in particular that they want to read about. Overall, the book as a whole was a great read.

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