General Adult · Sword and Sorcery

Whispers in the Dark by Jordan Frost

In a time of darkness, when kings are slain and good men die, the downtrodden take up arms. 

Title: Whispers in the Dark
Author: Jordan Frost
Pages: 391
Published: September 2018
Publisher: Self-published
Purchase: Amazon
Source: Author

*Disclaimer* I was financially compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the author and/or its affiliates in any way.


Whispers in the Dark by Jordan Frost is a world where people contradicts the stereotypical labels for everyone. Those who are supposed to be good are actually bad and those who are supposed to be bad are good. Jensen Grooms is a soldier known as a Harvester and when he is forced to kill his commanding officer, it left him on the run with the sacrifice, Solana, who the group was transporting to Lord Kane who holds the reign for the empire. Along the way, he starts to feel and see that something has gone amiss among the empire. Somewhere not so far in the distance is a thief named Boone who tries to find a way to translate a journal that can end Lord Kane which was written by a dead prophet. His first task is to find a witch who may hold the key to unlocking the secret. With little time on hand, everyone is racing against time to either find a way to survive or to end the reign of the mighty Lord Kane.

My favourite thing from this book was the characters, although, there were quite a few characters I grew fond of, Jensen and Boone were my favourites because of their personality the author gave them. Jensen is a soldier and usually, in books, the stereotypical soldier or warrior are usually brave and proud, but Jensen is caring and honourable amongst his fellow soldiers who are all egoistic and arrogant. Boone is also my favourite because he is a thief and usually you expect them to be the bad guy but in fact, he is trying to complete a task which will most likely benefit many people.

Usually, I prefer books that have more dialogues but this story with its character that sometimes shows their thoughts through italicizing it and an interesting plot, it was easy to not be bored or lose interest in the book most of the time. Sometimes, though rarely, do I find the abundance of paragraphs and descriptions to be slightly bit overwhelming therefore my mind starts wondering very easily.

Despite the many descriptions and words, the book only needs minimal editing. There were a few sentences that were awkward or were missing a word or two but otherwise, there was not much that needs to be changed. It is possible that having more conversations might help since the book is almost 400 pages and personally, that is a lot of description to read through.

I would recommend this to readers who are interested in medieval or kingdom-themed books and fantasy, however, I would not say that this is heavy on fantasy. If you are not like me who gets distracted easily when there are too many descriptions or paragraphs, this would also be something you would pick up. I know I mentioned a lot about the descriptions but to me, it is a big thing because I have a short attention span so it does not go well with me even if everything is amazing. Which is why audiobooks are a miracle.

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Thanks for reading, I always appreciate you reading the things I write (in this case, type) about. Love you all ღ.

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