Mystery · Young Adult

Fallen Angel by December Knight

A year has passed since Toby went missing and finally it seems that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but when a terrible accident rips everything away Clemit is left scrambling for new clues.

Title: Fallen Angel
Author: December Knight
Pages: 338
Publish: June 2019 
Publisher: Roaming Pig
Source: Author

*Disclaimer* I was financially compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the author and/or its affiliates in any way.


Fallen Angel by December Knight is the sequel to Devil of Gilding and because of that, I will not provide a summary since it will spoil the prequel for those who may have not read the last book. Also, if you have read the last book, then you will already know what this book will be about. I had also written a review for the Devil of Gilding so you can go check it out first before considering this book if you have not read it yet.

Like I had said in my last review, this book has also led me through a mini emotional rollercoaster because there were things that made me irritated and angry. It has nothing to do with the author’s fault, or at least it was not anything negative in their part. It was the characters that made me irritated. The author has a way of creating and planning events to happen so it gets the readers pulling their hairs out. One moment, you could be cooing at the actions of the characters and the next you will want to punch another character.

I am assuming by now anyone who is still reading this has already read the first book. I can finally tell more in-depth who I have a love-hate relationship in this book. Adalide was a character that I love because of how thought out she was when the author created her. She is a character where readers can already see her possible end. Even though it might seem like she is failing one moment, the next, she somehow is saved by something from being caught by either James or Clemit. I hate her because she is such a terrible person. Like this is going too far, lady.

The bond between the characters that Toby had met in the previous book is such a bitter-sweet one. Their bond seems to be strong but it is sad to see that the reason their bond is so strong is that of the horrors and the torture they have been through. They had experienced things that no children or teenager should have experienced. The fact that James and Clemit are racing against time to save these children to prevent anything terrible from happening creates an excellent suspense component to the book.

There is not much to say that is not already mentioned in the previous review because this book is carefully planned even through the second book. Like the previous one, December Knight did a great job at creating a sequel that is on par with the last one.

There is not much that needs working on besides some editing because near the middle there was a typo and maybe some grammar mistakes but I am not a 100% sure about that.

I would highly recommend this book to those who enjoy a good suspense read. The main target audience felt like it is teenagers and up. The book includes parts that may not be expected from the characters and if this is what you are looking for then this may suit you. I would not say this is a quick read. It may take about three or four days to finish this if you read it at a moderate pace. I read this in two days because my first semester just ended so I had time before the second one started.

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Thanks for reading, I always appreciate you reading the things I write (in this case, type) about. Love you all ღ.

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