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Phoenix: Field of Mars by Jackie Anders

Twenty-eight-year-old, Kyla Marshall, has desires of advancing her career in public relations at all costs… Until she ends up stumbling in on a special ops’ mission that takes her from her client’s lab in the year 2017 to 8 A.D. Ancient Rome.

Title: Phoenix: Field of Mars
Author: Jackie Anders
Pages: 158
Published: December 13th, 2018
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Purchase: Amazon
Source: Author

*Disclaimer* I was financially compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the author and/or its affiliates in any way.


Phoenix: Field of Mars by Jackie Anders is a book about a twenty-eight-year-old, Kyla Marshall, who is in the field of public relations. That was until she ends up dropping in on a special ops’ mission. Literally! She finds herself transported from 2017 to 8 A.D and have no choice but to follow the team with their mission to stop a scientist from unleashing a deadly virus that would kill many in an era where people were still using natural herbs as remedies. At first, she was wary about the men, but as she got to know them, she slowly warmed up to them. Throughout her journey there, the question of whether she will get back home lingers on her mind.

This book has a great plot that can captivate anyone. Kyla is a strong independent woman from the 21st century who found herself thrown back in time to the 1st century. With her knowledge, it is safe to assume that she, with the help of her stubbornness, can cause problems during this time period where women were seen as objects and submissive. The men that she travels with all have their own unique personality. Being heroes of war, she learns that each of them struggles with their own demon but are all kind men. These unique characters with the plot of saving the population from a deadly disease create a story that almost guarantees the readers a book that will be interesting.

The author did a great job at forming and showing the bond between Kyla and the men so that when any of them may or are facing potential danger, the tension and suspense of the outcome becomes even more unbearable because of the worries from the characters. Despite the book being about 150 pages, which to me is a quick read, the bond was created at a reasonable pace. Since she was unexpectedly thrown into a situation where her survival depended on the someone else and realize she does not know how to survive in such a situation, it made sense that she would form a bond with them so quickly. As someone who enjoys reading books with intense emotions, I felt on edge when any of them were in danger because I did not know if the author was going to kill them off or not. 

There were not many things that I disliked about the book but there were a few commas that did not have to be there and the wording of the sentences. However, they are not a major problem and does not hinder the experience, just small things that can be the next step in improving the work as nothing can really be perfect.

In some ways, it felt like the author was able to put a bit of everything into this book and still was able to create a book that is enjoyable. There is a bit of politic and business, science fiction, action and even some romance. I would recommend this to people, especially to those who are like me and like books where there are hints of romance but not as the main focus or genre, and since it is not that long, it can be finished in a few days for those who have a busy schedule. I was reading this during exam week and I was able to finish this in about two days despite having exams on both those days.

What are your thoughts on time traveling? If we could do that, what do you think will change?

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