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Legal Reserves by James Rosenberg

A significant trial looms. The two lawyers and the judge all have major reasons to worry: Jeri Richards, a newbie judge, is presiding over her first trial concerned she is too inexperienced to handle it.

Title: Legal Reserves
Author: James Rosenberg
Pages: 296
Published: December 17th, 2018
Publisher: Allie H. Publishing
Purchase: Amazon
Source: Author 

*Disclaimer* I was financially compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the author and/or its affiliates in any way.


Legal Reserves by James Rosenberg is a book that revolves around an allegedly accused woman with thievery. The lawyers hired for both parties are best friends who went to post-secondary together along with the judge who was recently assigned to the trial. After many research and finding witnesses to testify, the day of the trial approaches and it creates tension with the friendship between the two lawyers. With the judge not being happy with how the case is affecting their friendship, this case tests their supposedly strong bond.

The books start off with an interesting prologue that creates suspense and anticipation for what is to come. It creates this sense of cliffhanger. After the prologue, the first few chapters mostly talked about Mike’s, Jack’s and Jeri’s life in law school. It gives us a feel of their personality and character; unlike a majority of the books, they can be seen as more of a bully and the popular crowd. Usually, books are about the main character(s) being bullied, but not as the bullies. 

As the book continues, the plot is not clearly explained yet. I had initially read the summary the author provided, but I left it for a month or so and I didn’t remember. I try not to think of the summary when reading so I don’t expect or anticipate things to happen because I feel like that can ruin the experience sometimes. The plot only becomes clearer nearing a third into the book. However, the author created interesting characters that it didn’t matter if the plot was unclear or not because I wanted to find out more about the characters.

Each of the characters when they grew up is different than when they were in law school. Mike becomes more mature while Jack and Jeri still stay about the same. The book will explain a bit of their family in a few chapters to allow the reader to grasp their childhood. The author did a great job of showing progression and development in the characters.

When it got to the main plot of the book, the friendship and the inexperience of the two lawyers, Mike and Jack, creates a tight tension that can be felt by everyone. It drives the reader to want to find out what happens in the book because of this friendship to see if the case will break it or not. Jeri’s role is slightly like the readers. She is concerned this case will their tight friendship that she thought they had in law school and is waiting to find out when the case ends. Once the plot or goal was clear, I liked the book more because I knew what the story was going to be about and things started to make sense.

There were a few times near the first half of the book, where all the jumping around the timeline, even when it mentioned the date, got me confused because I was not good at remembering dates. However, because there were jumps and events from the past were not that relevant to the plot besides providing more backstory, it felt as if they were mini or substories to the book. At the beginning I tried connecting them, it got confusing but later when I just view it as a side story, it did not hinder the experience as much.

Overall, this was a nice book to read. It was messy at the beginning of the book but near the middle, it became more clear of the direction which the author wants the book to go towards. I would recommend this to those who like to read about law and cases. I’m not familiar with law so I can not verify for you how accurate the procedures and things relating to law are but as someone who doesn’t read books about law cases, this was a good introduction to it. This is a relatively short read since it was just under 300 pages.

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Let me know your thoughts about this book from the review or about this book if you have read it. Do you enjoy reading about law cases or books that takes place in a court?

Thanks for reading, I always appreciate you reading the things I write (in this case, type) about. Love you all ღ.

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