My 2019 Reading Resolution!

Dear readers,

It’s 2019 now and soon to be the Year of the Pig (if you didn’t get the hint, I am Chinese). This year is going to be life changing for me because it is my last year of high school, which means I may be going into university if any of them accept me. I hope to post more frequent (I know I said that last year took) while trying to balance school and extracurriculars. Because I hope to get into my first choice, I will try not to procrastinate as much since clearly, I am at the moment since I am (was) writing this post.

It had been a great 2018 year on this blog. I started becoming more active on the blog compared to when I just started because something inside of me decided that I liked posting and blogging about books. There was more post on reviews, book tours and I even hosted my first giveaway (there were some minor problems but it was my first time; so please, give me a break). Hopefully, the next giveaway I have learned from my mistakes and have a better one.

Let’s get to the main point of this post. For this year, there will be a lot of changes and may include this blog too. Even though resolutions are not usually followed, this will be a goal reminder for me whenever I look back at this post (yes, I sometimes look back at posts).

1. Goodreads’s Reading Challenge

Last year, I was too ambitious and said I was going to read 300 books because the year before, I was able to read about 150ish books. However, during the spur of the moment, I forgot that I was entering grade 12 too. So this year I am aiming for 100 and I have already completed 5.

2. Meet more bloggers

I have not done many souls searching for blogger friends and I feel like if I tried harder to, it can make my experience more fun. My goal when I first started blogging was to meet new people who like to read too and the goal still stays the same.

3. Watch a few movies that originated from books

I have had a pretty decent experience with movie adaptations. Not many disappointed me too much. The most recent one was Life of Pi and it wasn’t bad, just skipped a few parts which I thought should be added.

4. Read more books from indie authors or books that are released this year

I usually read books that are popular, liked by many or recommended to me by my friends. Ever since I have started reviewing and reading more books out of my comfort zone, it turned into an experience that I found interesting even if some of the books were only okay to me.

5.  Improve as a reviewer

Ever since I started reviewing, I felt that I had improved slightly. But I want to improve more so I will try to work hard to provide quality contents to make it so it is worth it for the authors. I was hoping to take a few courses if I go to university in English or creative writing if I can. Not only will it benefit the blog, but I will also benefit me in the future 🙂

This blog had somehow become something that is like a child to me. It could be because it is something that I created with my own hard work but I want to make it so this blog is the best that I can make it. I will put my best effort into this blog this year and the year after and so on. I will stop going back to previous posts and revising it, instead, I will leave it and look back to it in a few years to see the improvements if any. If you want to join me on this journey, I hope you won’t be disappointed.

What is one of your resolution or goal this year? Do you think you will complete it? Comment it down below.

Signing out,


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