It’s Almost Time

Dear readers,

It has been a long time since I have posted a Dear Reader. But here it is because I feel like making one.

So fellow Canadians, it is almost that time of the year again. Every year there is a new batch; and this year, for most of us who are born around 2001, it is our turn. It is time to graduate high school and moving on to post-secondary, work or other forms of training. It had only felt like it took forever before I graduated from Grade 8 but now it felt so short in high school. I mean it makes sense seeing I was in my elementary for 10 years and my high school for only 4 (almost). But it had only felt like months ago when I had first entered a high school, knowing no one because I had moved into a different area because no one in my elementary went to the same high school.

Looking back, there were many things I really enjoyed in high school and I finally realize what many people meant when they say memories in school are made during extracurricular or anytime when you are not learning in school. All my favourite memories made in the last few years in high school was with my teams and clubs I have joined and times I would spend after school just hanging out with other people while doing homework (and I really finished my homework, no lies). Some of my favourite memories were with my badminton team and when I hang out in the art room after school. So for those who are entering high school, it may sound cliche but don’t spend all your time just studying. Have fun sometimes. You don’t even have to go out to places, just hang out in school before or after school starts for a few minutes or an hour. Make friends and have fun. One thing I will say though is, don’t worry if you stress. Many people tell you not to stress or worry, but personally, I can’t help but stress so the only way it makes things easier for me is to stress but also not worry too much (you can learn all about my stresses in the next paragraph). For many, it may not sound fun, but to relieve stress I workout when I have the time or read when I only have a short period of time to relax.

I don’t know about you guys, but I had so many mixed feelings this year. There is a constant feeling of stress towards maintaining a certain average so I don’t have to stress that much about not getting into a university (does that even make sense?) and also trying to take part in different activities so I am not only studying. Sometimes taking part in things also add to my stress but it also feels satisfying after I finish because it feels like I have done something and was being productive. This isn’t really stressing me but doing reviews also add onto the stress on my homework but it is also the only way for me to buy books because I don’t want to use my parent’s money since they already have to help pay tuition. Don’t get me even started on tuitions and other expenses for school!

I know compared to international students; I am already paying less, but it is still a lot of money I will have to owe back to the government later on. But I mean if I get a better job because of it, it is worth it. But sometimes I wonder if I really need to go onto post-secondary to get a decent paying job. It sometimes feels like the only reason I am going is from what everyone says or is like the norm. I feel like it is almost the only thing you can do before you get a job when graduating high school even though I know it isn’t.

Also, if you haven’t noticed. I have added a thermometer on the sidebar. This is to show how many people donated to help support this site. I am hoping to raise about $250 because this will allow me to upgrade this site at a discounted price for 2 years. If I reach about $150 and I see no change for a while, I will just purchase the 1-year plan. Obviously, the contribution will not only come from donators but I will also add at least some of what I get from reviews although I will also use them to buy books because originally that was what I wanted to do. But seeing this site and creating it, it made me want to create a site that is better for users and is more aesthetically appealing to the eye.

Anyway back to the school. Just out of curiosity, what did you guys do after any sort of education? Like what kind of post-secondary did you apply for, or what jobs did you take up? I was hoping to major in arts management or something related in the creative industry. The only problem is I don’t know what. I hope that by applying for a summer co-op and if they accept me, I will try new things and see if I enjoy them. I like trying new things so I feel like co-op is the best choice at the moment. Sometimes, I wish there is a job where I can just try new things or learn new things because I love to learn and read too. But honestly, I cannot just read as a full-time job. I can do it as a freelance job but definitely not a full-time job. Sometimes, I question why humans have to make things so complicated. Looking at the wild animals, it makes me wish I only have to worry about survival in the wild. At least I will be fit from all the exercise and have lots of lands to find a home even if I can die anytime. But instead, we have to worry about climate change and poverty because we do not know how to preserve and share.

On a brighter topic, I have been obsessed with k-pop recently, especially with BTS, GOT7, Stray Kids, Super Junior and SPECTRUM but sadly I understand none of SPECTRUM’s videos because no one has provided subs for them yet. Hopefully, someone can do that so they can reach more international fans. I bought a medium size Chimmy doll and a small key-chain-sized Shooky doll and they are so cute. I wish there is  BT21 store in Canada. 

This is more about myself. I may post more about my interests and maybe have individual posts for each interest unless I don’t have a lot to say about them and put them into one post. Thanks for reading about my stress and a tiny bit about my obsession with k-pop. 

Signing out,


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