Mystery · Young Adult

Devil of Gilding by December Knight

When jealousy enters their lives in the form of a new personality, all hell breaks loose. 

Title: Devil of Gilding
Author: December Knight
Pages: 308
Publication Date: April 6th, 2017
Publisher: Roaming Pig
Source: Author

*Disclaimer* I was financially compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the author and/or its affiliates in any way.


Amazing plot and storyline that keeps the reader engaged. It leaves them looking for clues every chapter if whether the character can solve situation or not.


Growing up, Toby Blake lived with his father, James Blake along with the servants that work in the mansion. His uncle and James younger brother, Clemit would often visit the duo. With only hearing stories and seeing the images of his mother, Toby had no remembrance of her since she died soon after giving birth. Toby’s father has been searching for a governess for Toby and found the right one in Adelaide. As he grows up, there seems to be a darkness growing within the mansion with none of the Blake’s suspecting anything.

Devil of Gilding is a book with a story that seems carefully crafted. Every action that happens has a repercussion later in the story. The effects of the action are not seen right away. This provides the sense of careful planning and creates this feeling of dumbfounded when finding out the effect it caused. The antagonist in the book seems to be crafty and cunning which is a great personality to create an interesting storyline even if no one wants a friend or know someone like that.

This book had caused me a mini emotional rollercoaster because throughout the book the characters, actions and events that unfold were unexpected. It had made me felt sad, exasperation, anger and yearning to know more. Did I mention there was a dog? Just imagining the dog with Toby created the cutest scene; and personally, my favourite moments because there was a dog.

Like many stories I have read, this book also has characters which were given unique personalities. Toby appears as a naïve child growing up with a father who tries his best to protect his only child. But throughout the book, there are many instances where he proves he is attentive to those around him and is more mature than how he is portrayed. James Blake is the definition the loving father. After the death of his wife, he struggles with grief, yet he shows a strong face for his son. He would give up anything to keep him safe and protected. You also cannot forget the loving uncle who loves his brother and nephew to no ends. Clemit shows his love for the duo from the beginning of the story. The three have a relationship I envy very much. There are many more characters with intriguing personalities but those three were the ones I felt like it was worth mentioning seeing it revolves around the life of the Blake’s.

The book overall did not have many writing errors, however, there were at least two times where there were punctuations that were missing which made the sentence quite confusing. The first one is seen on the first page of chapter one. Since it was the “He” was capitalized I thought it was referring to a person like God, but it turned out it was not. This book needs minor editing to go through it once to check for punctuations, awkward sentences and possibly other grammar mistakes.

I would recommend this to people because the story is interesting with its twists. It left me feeling suspense frequently because it would switch perspectives, and this made me want to read more. Those who like suspense and enjoy family drama will like to give this book a try.

I am most likely going to post an end-of-the-year post to wrap up this year so look forward to that one. I will try to make it look more pretty since I will have a little more time on hand.

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