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One Year Anniversary (+Giveaway)

Hi everyone,

Today, November 26th is the first day I had posted on this blog in 2017. At first, after posting a few blogs and reviews, I went on a hiatus because I was busy with other books and reading books from my school’s book club. I was also slacking a bit in school too because I joined too many clubs but that is another issue (hopefully my mom will never see this blog and read this).

But earlier this year, I have realized that I like to post about the books I have read and I like to read and talk about what I think about books from authors who reach out to me. I honestly will read almost every book as long as it is a genre I like to read. Books have had a major impact on my life because they have allowed me a safe haven when I needed one. There are so many possibilities and worlds I can read about when I do not want to deal with things in my life, it is endless. My goal for next year is to try to post more contents on this blog besides just reviews but I cannot guarantee that because I have to put applications and grades for post-secondary as my first priority. Another one is to read more books than this year 🙂 But I will say this, even though I did not read a lot of books this year, so far my favourite books are from Dan Brown and Rick Riordan. I hope to read more books like them so if you have any recommendations, please feel free to comment them down below.

I hope you enjoy the stuff I post on this blog or they help you find more books to read, whether it is going through this blog or going through my Goodreads account. As a way to give back to all the readers, authors and anyone who passes by this blog, I will be hosting a giveaway as a thank-you gift and also as a Christmas present as the prize will be sent on December 25. The giveaway will start at 12:00 PM 26th November 2018 and close 11:59 PM 21st December 2018 (Eastern Time (US & Canada)). The initial winner must reply to a confirmation email by the end of December 23rd Eastern Time to receive the prize on the 25th, otherwise, it will go to a second winner.

Hopefully, I can have better prize(s) next time I host another giveaway and I assure you there will be more. Once again, thank you to everyone who read and support this blog.

If there are any authors who would like to have a giveaway, visit Contact.

$5 Giveaway

One Year Anniversary Giveaway

Signing out,


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