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Northfighters: The View From the Chrystallis by Colm Dowd

Title: Northfighters: The View From the Christallis
Author: Colm Dowd
Pages: 220
Published: October 2018
Publisher: Northfighters
Source: Author

*Disclaimer* I was financially compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the author and/or its affiliates in any way.


An adventurous story with four lovable characters that help drive the readers to want to finish the book and figure out what happens to the antagonist.


Northfighters: The View From the Christallis by Colm Dowd follows twelve-years-old Chris Talbot with his friends Josh, Sylvia and the bully Mike as the group is dragged into a new world running away from strange creatures. The creatures that were pursuing them turned out to be sent by a villain named Salazon, who wants to create war. From chapter 1, the readers all know Salazon saw a vision that a boy, who turned out to be Chris, may be his downfall. Tales and legends speak about the abilities of those far from Salazon’s world that can control beasts that have not been seen for generations. Chris and his friends may be those that are spoken of in the legends.

The story started off with a prologue and first few chapters that hints towards the plot and what might be expected of it. Colm Dowd has a well-thought-out fantasized world with descriptions that draw out how the world looks like without difficulty, however, it is not very detailed with the vocabulary that was used. When they were teleported to a new world, the narrator used descriptions such as “air fresher than he had ever breathed”. It is fairly easy to imagine how the place looks or feel coming from Chris’s world which is familiar to the reader. The land can be visualized as a world that is cleaner and less polluted.

The plot was also strengthened with fluid transitions that do not lose the readers when a new chapter appears or changing scenes. It leaves the reader hanging but does not reveal much about what will happen next or how it connects with other parts of the story.

Chris was an interesting character that starts out as a person that tries to avoid confrontations, especially with his bully. Later in the book, readers can see the character develop through a process that is reasonable and not too rushed or unrealistic. This process can be easily relatable to many people because it does not feel fake. Mike was the contrasting personality compared to Chris because he was the bully, he appears to be hateful and unlikable to the readers. But starting near the middle, he has a change in personality and hints of his real personality shows. More elaboration on Mike’s personality could be shown or explained, however, it is understandable with the lack of explanation because the children are only twelve years old which could mean they do not understand many things in the world. Every character’s mindset is appropriate for the age and circumstances.

The pacing of the book made the book easier to enjoy and interesting to read. There was the right amount of dialogue and description to not feel overwhelmed when reading and even if it felt like the description were borderline being overwhelming, it quickly changes to a new chapter or dialogue at the right time to avoid that.

Throughout the book, there were minor parts where it may have the readers have to go back to read it again to clarify what the sentence means. A few of the sentence felt awkward because of either the word order or from words that were used when reading. Some editing may be needed for either adding or changing the position of certain quotation marks and making sure the correct homophones are being used.

While reading, it felt familiar yet not at the same time so if it is what is the main goal of reading this book, this would be the book to go to. The book feels fairly original but then again, personally, I have not read many of the popular books or books in general compared to others. Knowing what kind of books I have read and having read a few of the popular ones, there may be a chance of knowing what I meant with the familiar feeling. Overall, there was also this feeling where it felt like it was lacking some sort of flare to give it that extra push to making it more interesting and cause readers to read it in one sitting.



This is a book that is recommended for readers around the age of 10 to 14; of course, it is also fit for everyone but the target audience might be for better suited for tweens. For readers who are looking for a book that is original but feels slightly familiar, this book may be the right one but cannot pinpoint exactly what is familiar about this book yet.

If you really are interested in seeing the rating to the books I have read, then go to my Goodreads account. Hopefully, I have more time to post more content besides reviews. I will definitely try during the winter break.

Thanks for reading, I always appreciate you reading the things I write (in this case, type) about. Love you all ღ.

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