My Rating System on Goodreads

For those who follow me on Goodreads and look at my ratings would notice that my old ratings are fairly high. Now I find it hard to rate books because it gives me less option to choose from. So I am going back to all the books and carefully rated them again and went more according to Goodreads definition and my own for each rating.

For those who do not know, the reason I do not want to rate on my blog using stars is that I want people to read the review and judge the book by that first then maybe how many stars I give it. Sometimes I feel like because I cannot give half a star it is very hard to bump it up by half or drop it by half, therefore I do not want to rate here.

Even though I receive compensation for the recent reviews, they all remain honest reviews. The reviews I write are my thoughts on what I felt were good and bad or needs working on. My Goodreads rating is a quick glimpse of my overall take on the book, what I feel or how much I enjoyed the book. So, it will remain more personal. In some ways, my Goodreads rating and those on my blog are different. My Goodreads rating is more personal, however, they may not provide as much insight into what I thought about the actual book because those could appeal to other people when it doesn’t appeal to me.

Down below I will explain how my rating system will work on Goodreads:

✰✰✰✰✰ : More than just disliking

★✰✰✰✰ : Do not like it

★★✰✰✰ : It’s okay

★★★✰✰ : I like it

★★★★✰ : I really like it

★★★★★ : I loved it or more than loving

If you find your book under a two or three star, it does not necessarily mean that it was bad because all it means is it just may not be a book to my liking for personal preference.

2 thoughts on “My Rating System on Goodreads

  1. I was just like you, like 2 years ago majority of books were 5 stars and all that stuff, i started being a bit more stricter last year and now this year Im on my 7th book (1 reread and 5 books read) and the 5 books didn’t even get 5 stars yet, it’s a mixture between 3-4 stars.


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