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Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Title:  Shiver
Author:  Maggie Stiefvater
Pages:  390
Published:  August 1st, 2009
Publisher:  Scholastic
Source:  Library

Grace, a girl who spent years watching the wolves near her house. Finds herself strangely attached to one of the wolves.

Sam, one of the wolves who Grace spent years watching, lives two different lives. One as a human, one as a wolf.

Things have seemed normal where they live, that was until the two first met each other and talked. They had never talked to each other before…until now. Now that a relationship has been built, Sam must fight to stay human with the help of Grace so they could stay together.


This book has been publishing for almost 10 years now (next year will be the 10th) and for some reason, it has left a strong, not particularly a positive one, impression. I have read this book a year ago but decided to create a review for it because I felt an urge to. However, because I have read this a year ago, there may not be a lot of details as to why I liked it or not; but every opinion is accurate (hence why the summary is so short). So if you disagree, please do not hate, and know that this is a personal opinion piece.

And for those who are new to my blog, I do not use rating because I feel that they do not do justice, plus I want people to read my pros and cons of the book and decide if they want to read it or not without basing it on the rating system.

The Goods:

Character bonding. I feel that the characters throughout the book were able to create a strong bond, especially the main characters. Even if I did not enjoy the book as much as my friends had expected, the characters were enjoyable.

➽ The writing style. I do not really know how to explain it but there is something about Maggie Stiefvater’s writing style that I really like. I find it slightly poetic sometimes or it could be just the setting that makes it feel kind of poetic. Either way, I like her writing style. I cannot exactly recall if her style is similar to a recent book called The Raven Boys that I have finished that was also written by her, but I liked the style there too. It may have been different compared to this book but it was still enjoyable.

➽ Type of werewolf. Another quality that made the book stand out was the werewolves mentioned in the book. If you have not noticed, the more well-known werewolves change at will or during the full moon. However, in this book, the werewolves change according to the temperature/season around them. This is a refreshing change from the other werewolves in the community.

The Bads:

 The pacing was slow. The pacing of the book was rather slow for me and not only was it slow, but I also felt that there was not much that is happening in the almost 400 pages book. Maybe it could be the fact that it was supposed to be a slice-of-life kind of genre with hints of fantasy but it was slow enough that I wanted to drop the book but did not because I hate doing that. Personally, the pacing is an important aspect in a book because if it is too slow, then it causes the reader to lose interest; but on the flip side, if it is too fast, then it can cause confusion.


I would highly recommend this to readers who are interested in slice-of-life or werewolves. Keep in mind that the werewolves in this book are slightly different compared to the more well-known types like the ones who can change by will or the full moon.

Hey guys, it has been a while since I have posted a review so it may be a bit rusty, not to mention this was a book I have read a year ago. If you really are interested in seeing the rating to the books I have read, then go to my Goodreads account.

Is there a book that you felt the pacing was a bit slow for your liking, comment them down below. I would love to see your opinion on this book and other ones too. Thanks for reading, I always appreciate you reading the things I write (in this case, type) about. Love you all ღ.

Signing out,


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