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Raven’s Peak by Lincoln Cole

Title:  Raven’s Peak
Author:  Lincoln Cole
Pages:  214
Published:  July 5th, 2016
Publisher:  Kindle Press

*Disclaimer* I was provided with a free copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the author and/or its affiliates in any way.

The book starts off with the readers meeting Arthur, a former reverend, placed in a prison. Upon finding out his non-biological daughter, Abigail, missing from demonic activities, he agreed to go hunt down the being that has taken three children, one of them being Abigail. The Council and his daughter soon finds him missing after the children are safely found.

Haatim Arison, an immigrant from India, finds himself being rescued by the very person he is tailing after being hired by a stranger, George Wertman, to find evidence that George is being hunted by Abigail Dressler. Just when he thinks that he is done with George and Abigail, he is attacked by beings that he cannot seem to believe is real. He finds himself being saved by Abigail and after some persuading, he discovered that his family may not be who they seem to be, especially his father, Aram Malhotra.

After receiving an order to go to Raven’s Peak due to the raising suspicious activity happening around there, Abigail finds herself once again doing simple task ordered by the Council due to their lack of trust and confidence after she is recently possessed. The suspicious activity, which is thought to be tourist being paranoid according to the townsfolk, seems to be a bigger issue than what is expected. With the help of Haatim, they try to solve the mystery as to why the people are going crazy in Raven’s Peak. While they are there, Abigail revisits her past and it is up to her to see if she is strong enough, along with the help of Haatim, to save Raven’s Peak.


Raven’s Peak by Lincoln Cole is the first book in the World on Fire series. This book is a relatively short book compared to most of the ones I have read.

The Goods:

➽ The plot has a perfect pacing. I found that within those few hundred pages the pacing is fast-paced but not to the point where I felt there were parts that lacking or missing. The way the story unravelled is mesmerizing because even though it is fast-paced, there are a lot of details included in the story so it allows readers to be able to see a vivid image in their mind.

➽ There is an interlude. One thing that I really loved about the book is the interlude the author added. This is not something that is used often in books and it is the first time I have seen it incorporated into a book. The interlude allowed the readers to see a bit of what had happened or is happening outside the eyes of the main characters.

 A story about demons. The author anime-demons-image-anime-demons-36690757-1163-860created a plot that is very intriguing and captivating with all the paranormal activity and I was instantly hooked to the book after the first two sentences. Since I like to read books about demons, it was a bonus for me to have it about demons so for those who like this kind of stuff you should give it a try.

The Bads:

Spelling and some missing words. There are some sentences that are missing words and grammatical errors, but that is not something that a bit of editing cannot fix.


Readers who are a fan of paranormal would greatly enjoy this book, especially those who like or want a short read. If it was not for the fact that I have school, I would have finished this book in one read. It was that good. But I will not say it is excellent or amazing but the plot was intriguing enough for me to be hooked to want to finish it in one day.

Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments, I love to hear what you guys think about this book and my thoughts.

Signing out,


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