Memories of Chronosalis by Ceara Comeau

Title:  Memories of Chronosalis
Author:  Ceara Comeau
Pages:  296
Published:  November 17th, 2017
Publisher:  Lulu
Source:  Author

*Disclaimer* I was provided with a free copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the author and/or its affiliates in any way.

Sixteen-year-old Amber Oak has a normal life like any other people on Earth. Sounds kind of cliché? Well, this is where the cliché ends.

After the death of her mother, she discovers that there are other planets besides Earth. According to the people of Galaseya, a utopian planet, she holds the power to stop the evil forces, known as the Brothers, that is trying to destroy the planet. Amber was skeptic at first and even though she had strong feelings for the planet, she did not see how she was responsible to helping them. As time passes and more has happened, Amber’s initial thought on helping Galaseya has changed and more secrets of her life starts to be revealed.

Will she be able to prevent the dark forces that are slowly creeping up on the utopian planet? Or will she be too late?


nagatoyukiIf you have read my previous posts then you will know I follow Goodreads rating system, if not, well…now you do.

The Goods:

The plot was cool and relatable to as much as a sci-fi can possibly be. When describing the past of the planets, the things described we can all relate except the details may be a bit exaggerated or altered. I really like how they have the planets kind of represent light and dark and it reminds me of Yin and Yang because they also mention the Balance as something that sort of holds everything together.

➽  The relationship between the sister 38610ccbf33623d7b09a01aa9b89b159-anime-siblings-anime-couplesand the brother. I love books that have a good sibling relationship, it tugs at my heartstrings. I just love seeing and hearing things about siblings. Even though to some, Chris, the brother does not appear much throughout the book and only mostly in the beginning, during those times it was beautiful and I loved how caring he is to the sister. It makes me want to have an older brother too. Ugh, I wish the brother was mentioned more. (If you have not notice by now, I am obsessed with anime)

➽  There were also character development. In the beginning, Amber is very selfish and thinks that everything is about her. She keeps thinking that after learning about her past, she can still continue being normal when everything is relying on her to save the planets. But with the help of her brother, family and the people around her, she grew up to be a person who is willing to sacrifice her life to save the people who needs her help. She also learned some valuable lessons from experience and it is applicable to everyone to. In the story, she learns that how people act and treat others define who they are and not where they live or who they grew up with. 

  Liked the epilogue. Usually I do not end up liking the epilogues as much as I want to but with this book, I really liked the epilogue. In this case, where the story is about planets repairing itself and is looking at a place as a whole, the epilogue really worked out because it told everyone the healing process of the planets in the book

The Bads:

➽  The ending did not end as expected. The reason I say that is because the way things wrapped up was really sudden. I felt like the pacing was just off, like imagine you are listening to a music and it was the slow, classical ones and all of a sudden it becomes a rock song. That was how I felt when I was reading the last two chapters and it kind of threw me off. Maybe a second book could’ve helped with that


I would recommend this to readers kvt8f2z6zommzgrrctpnwho enjoy science-fiction because everything about the setting was well-explained. The planets were all really unique with how they came to be. If you like a female lead and character development, then this is your book because even if Amber does not seem like a strong protagonist compared to Celaena Sardothien from the Throne of Glass series, there were amazing character development and she is trying to work hard to become a stronger person too which is a bonus..

Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments, I love to hear what you guys think about this book and my thoughts. I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy to read and in return, receive a honest review for the book.

Signing out,


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