Aversion (The Mentalist Series, #1) by Kenechi Udogu

Title:  Aversion (The Mentalist Series, #1)
Author:  Kenechi Udogu
Pages:  133
Published:  December 1st, 2012
Publisher:  Unknown
Source:  Author

*Disclaimer* I was provided with a free copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the author and/or its affiliates in any way.

Everyone knows that doing something for the first time is not always the easiest but with Gemma Green’s first Aversion, she thought it would have been simple. All she had to do was save people by pushing thoughts into them and help them avoid future disaster, which can create a negative outcome in their lives if not prevented.

Her very first subject, Russ Tanner, turns out to be more difficult than it should be. As an Averter, after performing an Aversion all subjects should not have any memories of the experience besides performing the action they were told to do but something may still linger within Russ. Gemma finds that, the more she tries to push him away, the more he wants to know her better. Gemma knew something had gone amiss the second he tried to approach her because they were never friends. Now she is facing a problem of a possible failed Aversion and if that wasn’t bad enough, secrets her father is trying to cover are slowly being revealed. What is her next step?

Oh, and did I mention she may possibly be the only female Averter?


This was an okay book. There are things that I really enjoy about the book but there are also things that pushed me away from the book. I would have given it a 2.5 star if I could on Goodreads but since I can’t, I just kept it as 2 stars because the story felt like it was lacking something for it to be 3 stars.

The Goods:

Things that I really enjoy about the book was how the author has created a unique story with an interesting plot. The book is about the Averters pushing thoughts into people to save lives and I haven’t come across many books like that unlike books about werewolves or contemporary (but then again, I have been reading for only 12 years so I haven’t read a lot of books compared to others). The idea was unique because it is sad to say that some of the popular books I’ve read are sometimes following another book just because it is successful so the idea are similar. BUT because I say that, it does not mean that I am saying ALL authors are like that. I am talking about authors who only want to write for the money and not because they have a passion for it.


The Bads:

I gave it a two star because I felt like the book itself was very flat in terms of emotions and the main character, Gemma, was hard to relate to and at times she felt like a stranger. The reason I said she felt like a stranger is because throughout the story her emotions weren’t described in detail so it was hard to know what she is feeling. Sometimes the response and the description was generic which made it hard to relate to. As a reader who likes to be able to relate to the character, the lack of development with the characters was a slight turn off while I was reading this book.

➽ The flow of the sentences were hard to read sometimes. Gemma should be around the same age as me (I am 16 for those who don’t know) so it should be a bit more easier for me to relate to her but I often find that her thoughts are a bit childish. Maybe the reason for that is because sometimes sophisticated words would be used but her thoughts or the flow of the sentences doesn’t really go well with the word.


This is a more personal opinion but it was confusing to read because Gemma seems like she is sometimes trying to address the reader but majority of it was not. With this book, the writing style was slightly hard to follow and it wasn’t clear if the reader is part of the story or if this is a diary. I can be a picky reader at times so when I read, the writing style is really important to me because it is a component that can change how a reader comprehends the texts and its mood. With some tweaking here and there and some light editing, this book would soon be great.


I would recommend this to readers that enjoy a short read because this book is under or around 150 pages. Readers who like stories that does not rely heavy on fantasy and alskvt8f2z6zommzgrrctpno likes contemporary or books that revolves around a teenager may enjoy this book. I can find slight similarities with this book and I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore so for those who are a fan of that series may also like this. My reasoning for that is because they both have a protagonist that is trying to avoid a group that is trying to get them and on a smaller scale, they both have a person who is caring for them and helping them make the right decision.

So go check it out because this is a quick read so it won’t take you forever to finish it.

I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy to read and in return receive a honest review for the book. Overall, this was a good book but the characters were what made it hard for me to like.

Signing out,


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