General Adult

See What Flowers by Shannon Mullen

Title:  See What Flowers
Author:  Shannon Mullen
Pages:  316
Published:  May 20th, 2017
Publisher:  Unknown
Source:  Author

Goodreads: Shannon Mullen


After her 30th birthday party’s over, Emma Watters has been the happiest since forever. Not to mention, she’s an emergency room doctor in Toronto. She lives with the love of her life, Adam Davison, but the next morning, Adam disappears.

At first, she thought that Adam is having an affair. But finding no evidence, she has no choice but to go to the police. Where’s Adam? And what happened to him?


Coming Soon!

I’d like to thank the author for sending the book for me to read and create a review. I look forward to reading the next book you write.

Signing out,


p.s I might have a written review in the future so look forward to that.

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