Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Title:  Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)
Author:  Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
Pages:  599
Published:  October 20th, 2015
Publisher:  Knopf Books for Young Reader
Source:  Library

It is the year 2575 and the story starts off with Kady and Ezra breaking up.

Now fast forward a bit and a deadly plague that is mutating quickly has broken out on an interstellar evacuation fleet after one of the two megacorporations that are warring with each other over the planet attacks. After evacuating, Kady and Ezra finds themselves tangled in a bigger problem than just breaking up. When Kady starts hacking into the system’s data and finds they shouldn’t be just worrying about the enemy’s warship, but also the fleet’s AI, which should be protecting them, but may be the one thing that wants to kill them.

With no one willing to say what is really going on, it is up to Kady and Ezra to uncover the darkness within the ships that were said to be protecting them…

BRIEFING NOTE: Told through a fascinating dossier of hacked documents—including emails, schematics, military files, IMs, medical reports, interviews, and more…” -Goodreads


Before I go into details, there is one thing I would like to say. This book is absolutely CREATIVE and BEAUTIFUL. The pages are unique and very intriguing to read because the story is not told in a traditional way most books tell a story.61ixnokwmel

When I first picked up this book, I was thinking, “Even if I do not like this book, but because the pages looks so cool, I am planning to finish this.” But in the end, I ended up loving the book because I ended up loving all the characters and the plot.

The Goods:

➽  The writing style was interesting and unique, especially because of the way it was delivered to the reader. In the beginning, it was weird to read the book because I am used to books with proper paragraphs and whatnot, but nagatoyukiafter the first 100 pages it was interesting and I was instantly hooked (and it was 100 pages because some pages have very few words).

Sometimes it delivered as messages or letters and I find it kind of poetic. Because the story uses caps, it gave it a different kind of emotion to it since a lot of the other books are following traditional writing style (or whatever that is called). Since the author uses caps, it made it a bit more relatable because (let’s be honest) everyone has probably sent messages using caps at least once in their life. It makes anger, excitement and fear come off the page even more than if it was just described with just works. So since there are less restriction to the writing style, it made it more interesting.

  Anothe1461073447-335af6bf0909c799149e1596b7170475r thing that I love were the characters.

When I first “met” Kady, I did not instantly like her but then after reading more into the book I ended up loving her because there were character developments in her and it was as if I had watched her grow up from being a teenage girl who acts like the tiniest thing like breaking up is the end of the world to…

SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERTwarningskip to next sentence…saving the other ship with all the people who were safe from the virus by herself…OK YOU ARE SAFE NOW!

In other words, without spoiling for anyone who did not read the book already, I feel like she grew into a person who thinks, not only for herself, but also for others.

For some strange reason, I ended up liking AIDAN, who is the AI in the ship that seems to17msju be killing the people. Near the end, you get to read more on AIDAN and it was like reading about a person who is trying to figure out who they are and their feelings. AIDAN is like a child who is learning how to feeling. The reason I find it strange liking AIDAN is because AIDAN is a computer AI but because the author created him as if he has his own personality and acts almost human-like, I just ended up liking him. But if you are like me and like characters like that, then go read the book because AIDAN is really interesting to read. At one point, he seems like he was like a spoiled child that does not want to be alone…and I will not spoil the reason for him to being alone. Go read it and find out.

The Bads:

giphy2028829_5➽  The storyline itself was not that interesting BUT because maybe I have read too many of those post-apocalyptic stories like that but I feel like it was more focused on the creativity. So because of the creativity, it made the plot more interesting

I gave the book a four star, which is loved it, is because I feel like if the plot was more interesting than I would have liked it even more because the plot was just about a deadly virus and a enemies warship, though, not saying the plot was not interesting, because it is. I am hoping the second book does not disappoint, but in fact impresses me. Crossing my finger.


I would recommend this to everyone but keep in mind that there is swearing but they are censored. To people who like science-fiction and/or creativity, this would be the book for you. HAVE FUN READING!

Since this is my first review here, I would like to let you know my rating system will be the same as Goodreads because I LOVE Goodreads so much.

Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments, I love to hear what you guys think about this book and my thoughts.

Signing out,


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