General Adult

Maps of Bliss and Rage by Mario Dhingsa

Within this whole book, there are eight different short stories. In the first short story, Between the Sword and the Wall, it follows Crozier and Rawdon who have been stationed in Antarctica in its freezing and wild temperatures. Not too long after, they have the desire to follow their dreams despite the unknown and dangers around them. Who and what lies ahead of them could be dangerous but even knowing that, they still ventured out of their safe house in this freezing weather.

General Adult · romance

The Other Tide by Carly Spade

Sam and Luke Jansen, the shark expert, have been having a competitive streak ever since they met each other 10 years ago but Sam thought that she would never see him again. While trying to beat an unexpected competitor during an expedition, the tension between Sam and Luke is at its peak and what Sam thought was hatred turns out to be quite the opposite.

Fantasy · Tween

The Pariah Child: Sarafina’s Return by Natasha D. Lane

It has been almost three years ago since Sarah has returned home and things have not been the same ever since. However, one day she starts hearing and seeing mists of those from Lyrica. Strange occurrences are happening and it seems like Lyrica is in trouble once again but with a sudden tragedy happens, Sarah is torn between returning to help Lyrica or remain on Earth.

Fantasy · Young Adult

Screamcatcher: Web World by Christy J. Breedlove

Jory Pike who had just recently lost both her parents and has been having nightmares about their death ever since. The only relative that she keeps in contact with is her grandfather and with the death, they both rely on each other to find comfort. She is a half-blood Chippewa and finds herself using a dreamcatcher, gifted to her by Choice even though she does not believe in the tales of the old folklores. This changes when a sleepover had gone wrong and Jory and her friends finds themselves sucked into the dreamcatcher.


The Crimson Deathbringer by Sean Robins

Despite living a peaceful life, the Akakies finds themselves under an attack by the Xortaags whose goal is to take over the universe. Even though the Akakies are peaceful creatures, their chief strategist has a plan. Back on Earth, Jim, who is a fighter pilot, is planning to pop the question to his girlfriend when an unexpected visiter lands outside his house injured. The injured turned out to be his friend, Kurt. How do these people all come together in the book?

General Adult · Mystery

The Desire Card by Lee Matthew Goldberg

The book follows Harrison Stockton who holds a job with a high position at Wall Street. The paradise he is living drinking away and spending ruthlessly all came down when he loses his job. Feeling desperate, Harrison activates his Desire Card which was given to him when he lost his job. What he got was different from what he had expected and wanted. The Desire Card took him to places where he had never thought he would have gone to and it not only put his life on the line but it also put the lives of his family in danger too.

Fantasy · Tween

The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi Volume I: Homecoming by Kelvyn Fernandes

The book, The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi Volume I: Homecoming by Kelvyn Fernandes, is about a mage named Peter and a chimera named Fi who banned together to work towards their individual goals to search for something. While they are searching, they encounter wild and dangerous creatures while also landing themselves in situations that have them making close calls.


Book Tour: AMPLIFY=How to Grow Your Reputation And The Kickass Career You Love by Holly Chessman

Being a woman can be hard, especially sometimes when they are working or out in public. Amplify: How to Grow Your Future and The Kickass Career You Love by Holly Chessman is a book that gives the reader tips, advice and personal stories from Holly Chessman who have been working with technology for more than 20 years.

Book Tours

Book Tour: One Flew Through the Dragon Heart (Faven & Flew, #1) by C.S. Johnson

A Chinese Legend. A British Secret. Star-Crossed Lovers with Incompatible Magic. With others seeking the power of the Dragon Eyes, Brixton and Adelaide must outwit their foes and face down their families to save London from an ancient legend that sleeps beneath the magic portal in their city.

General Adult · Sword and Sorcery

Whispers in the Dark by Jordan Frost

Whispers in the Dark by Jordan Frost is a world where people contradicts the stereotypical labels for everyone. Those who are supposed to be good are actually bad and those who are supposed to be bad are good. Jensen Grooms is a soldier known as a Harvester and when he is forced to kill his commanding officer, it left him on the run with the sacrifice, Solana, who the group was transporting to Lord Kane who holds the reign for the empire.